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Balanced soil enlarge agriculture fertility

The Cotton professional Dr Sagher Ahmed, a Ph.D scholar and dynamic farmer highlights the discrepancy use of fertilizers that was damaging fertility of...

How To Grow Papaya: Growing Papaya From Seeds

Growing papayas The fruit of papayas is high in nutrition C. You too can pick out the fruit when it's inexperienced and cook dinner it like...

Organic matter: magic for agricultural soil

ORGANIC matter is an important part of the soil which acts as a remedy for improving the soil health. Addition of organic topic to...

Inefficient fertiliser use damaging soil fertility in Punjab

THE unsustainable management practices in Punjab have damaged soil fertility and health, leading to promotion of chemical fertilisers which too is inefficient to the...

Organic matter status of Pakistan soils and its management

Soil organic matter affects so many soil properties and processes that a complete discussion of the topic is beyond the scope. Often one effect...

There’s No Place Like Loam: Preparing Your Soil for Planting

Some gardeners are downright contentious about the word soil, insisting that it’s not the same thing as dirt. Soil, they insist, is the stuff...

Management of Organic Soils

Introduction Organic soils, commonly called peat or muck, have developed from plant residues and been preserved by a high water table. Many generations of plants,...

Why Soil Matters in gardening

Growing healthy plants starts with building healthy soil. Although it may look inert (except for the occasional earthworm), garden soil is teeming with life....



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