TILLAGE OPERATION FOR FIELD CROPS RICE (Oryza sativa L.) Transplanted Puddled Lowland Rice Wet nursery Forming Seedbeds Mark plots of 2.5m breadth with channels 30cm wide all around the seedbeds. Length of the seed bed may vary from 8 to 10m according to soil and slope of the land. Collect the puddled […]

Modern concepts of tillage: In conventional tillage, energy is often wasted and sometimes, soil structure is destroyed. Recently  considerable changes has taken place in tillage practices and several new concepts have been introduced namely, minimum tillage, zero tillage, stubble mulch tillage. The immediate cause for introducing minimum tillage was high […]

Tillage implements are broadly categorized into several groups depending on the purpose for which they are use: Primary Tillage implements Implements used for opening and loosening of the soil are known as ploughs. Ploughs are used for primary tillage. Ploughs are of three types: wooden ploughs, iron or inversion ploughs […]

Tillage operations are broadly grouped into two types based on the time Types of Primary Tillage Depending upon the purpose or necessity, different types of tillage are carried out. They are deep ploughing, subsoiling and year-round tillage. Deep Tillage Deep ploughing turns out large sized clods, which are baked by […]


SCIENTIFIC NAME: Saccharum officinarum INTROUDCITON: Sugar cane is C4 plant it is a parineal crop. The plant takes 10 to 12 month under Pakistani condition. 18 month under Australian condition and 24 month in Cuba and Brazil condition to complete its life cycle. The plant grows from seed set called […]

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