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45,000 acre land made cultivable in five years

Due to the water reservoirs and soil erosion controlling structures over 45,000 acres land used to be made cultivable in Potohar and different arid...

Organic farming in Pakistan

Organic farming is an art of producing herbs, vegetables and crops without using of any chemical fertilizers and harmful pesticides. Peoples believed yield drastically...

Farmer turns Pakistan’s sand dunes green

One farmer has pioneered drip irrigation to grow to be wasteland right into a fruit orchard in Punjab – however at a value few...

Govt planning to establish Ground Water Regulatory Authority

Annually, round 200 million tonnes of silt is amassing in Tarbella dam while in Mangla dam the amount is 75 million tonnes. The federal...

Rabi crop to stand 33 percentwater scarcity: IRSA

Rabi crop to stand 33 percentwater scarcity: IRSA ISLAMABAD – The ongoing Rabi season will have to face 33 according to cent water scarcity...

Basic Guide to Climate Change

What is climate change? A change of climate that is directly or indirectly related to human activity that alters the composition of the global atmosphere...

Pakistan: Leading victims of global warming

Pakistan contributes less than 1 percent of the world's greenhouse gases blamed for causing global warming, yet its 200 million people are among the...

Climate Change: One More Problem for Pakistan

The Indus river, originating on the Tibetan Plateau and flowing for nearly 2,000 miles through the disputed territory of Jammu and Kashmir and finally...



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