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Top 20 Agriculture Blogs

The following blogs provide useful information and insightful commentary on agricultural issues and topics. We selected them based on their great content and recommendations from other bloggers.

  1. Agriculture Information Bank
    Agriculture iformation bank has a great  blog that includes a number of helpful posts for those that want to learn about agriculture, farming, horticulture, hydroponics, gardening, livestock, organic farming etc.
  2. Soil Doctor’s Blog
    Agricultural consultant Brent Rouppet, Ph.D., blogs with a particular interest in soil science, agricultural, and scientific news.
  3. Agricultural Entrepreneurship
    Great information for Agriculture entrepreneurs about marketing, economics and news in the agriculture industry.
  4. Machinery Chatter
    Jim Patrico, Progressive Farmer Senior Editor, uses this blog about farming machinery to keep you abreast of new products, recalls, and more.
  5. AgWired
    AgWired is a very informative site/blog which focuses on what’s new in the world of agribusiness and agriculture marketing.
  6. 47 Japanese Farms
    Two Americans living in Japan document their experience working on farms throughout Japan with the goal of working in all 47 Japanese states.
  7. Agricultural Biodiversity
    Separated by half a world but united by their passion for agricultural biodiversity and the internet, Luigi Guarino and Jeremy Cherfas created this blog to collect and discuss all things related to the notion of agricultural biodiversity.
  8. Production Blog
    Dan Davidson, DTN Contributing Agronomist, blogs about agronomy and crop production for growers and dispenses timely advice on production practices and decisions.
  9. Alex Tiller’s Blog on Agriculture and Farming
    Alex Tiller is a member of the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers and also an agribusiness author/blogger. His excellent blog covers commercial farming, family farms, organic food production, sustainable agriculture, the local food movement, alternative renewable energy, hydroponics, agribusiness, farm entrepreneurship, farm economics and farm policy.
  10. Farm Policy is a comprehensive site that closely follows federal-level farming policies and provides summaries that are helpful for non-lawyers.
    Farmgateblog is an excellent place to go to find integrated information across a variety of disciplines, including crop and animal sciences, ag economics, ag engineering and agricultural policy.
  12. Big Picture Agriculture
    This blog from Kay McDonald, an independent agricultural researcher, aims to be your one-stop agricultural news source with continually updated news about agriculture, sustainability, energy, macroeconomics and weather.
  13. RealAgriculture
    RealAgriculture is a solid agriculture blog/news feed focused on “getting you the opinions on the issues so that you not only get the news but the insight into what the news means to your business.”
  14. Organic Farming Blog
    This blog was created for people with a passion for farming the organic way and for those wanting to learn.
  15. National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition Blog
    This blog from the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition of Sustainable provides agriculture news about advocacy and policies relating to farm, food, and environmental issues, appropriations, and implementation.
  16. The Social Silo
    This interesting blog seeks to foster communication between farmers and nonfarmers, to share different perspectives, “to make us all think and grow a little”.
  17. Think Forward Blog
    This blog is written by the staff of the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy covering sustainability as it intersects with food, rural development, international trade, the environment and public health.
  18. Ag on the Forefront
    This blog from agricultural advocate Kelsey Pope is about keeping agriculture on the forefront and advocating for those that keep the livestock and grain industry healthy.
  19. Advocates for Agriculture
    Troy and Stacy Hadrick are fifth generation ranchers who travel the country to spread the positive story of agriculture and blog about the issues and news affecting farmers and ranchers.
  20. Farmer Bloggers
    Farmer Bloggers brings together several farmers to tell their stories and discuss topics in agriculture and farm life.

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