An evolutionary farmer in the Indian province of Haryana has made an interesting experiment. He has planted a garden of guava on three acres of land, and each guava of his garden weighs more than one kilogram. The farmer has obtained more than two kilos of guava from his garden. Let us tell you the details of how he is getting such a big emerald.

First, he leaves a maximum of two fruits on a branch of the guava plant and takes off all the remaining fruit. However, if he wants to get two kilos of guava, then he lets the same fruit stay on a branch.

If the fruit is about the size of a lemon, then it lays a net on it. If you look carefully, it is the same net that is seen on the fruits of the market. The netting does not hurt the fruit and is also safe from insect attack. On top of this net, he places a special anti-fox bag made of shopper. This bag does not allow water and moisture to accumulate inside it and provides the fruit with a conducive environment for growth. Finally he wraps the fruit with the help of a newspaper. The farmer points out that the wrapping of the paper keeps the color of the fruit uniform and enhances its beauty.

Lemon-shaped guava takes about four months to weigh more than one kilogram. When the fruit is ready, it is separated from the branches and packed in beautiful boxes. The farmer does not carry these special guava in the market but offers it for sale on the Internet.

If you also have a garden of guava, you can try the same way to get the larger size of the guava.

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