Grapes farming in Pakistan is very standard in now a days. Farmer can earn lot of income from grapes farming. The supplied sorts of grapes are appropriate in Punjab. Farmer can earn 16 Lakh to 20 Lakh consistent with Acre from Grapes farming. Agrinfobank Pakistan providing grapes farming consultancy in Pakistan and likewise provide different types of Grapes in Pakistan. We have a grapes nursery to sell our attainable shoppers. Different sorts of Varieties available in Pakistan

  • Narc black (Seeded)
  • Crimson (Seedless)
  • Flame (Seedless)
  • Sultana (Seedless)
  • Muscatil (Seeded)
  • Thompson (Seedless)
  • Perlette (Seedless)
  • Red Globe (Seeded)
  • Cardinal (Seeded)
  • Kings ruby (Seedless)

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