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Water wastage an eye-opener for pro-Indian lobby: Agriculture Forum Pakistan

August 21, 2013

Agri Forum Pakistan (AFP) Chairman Dr Ibrahim Mughal has said that the wastage of 5.9 million acres feet fresh and sweet water into sea during last four months should be taken as an eye-opener by the pro-Indian lobby. Water wastage an eye-opener for pro-Indian lobby: Agriculture Forum Pakistan
“As per international standards price of this water is estimated at Rs 600 billion. If this water could be stopped from going in to sea it could have generated 2,000 mega watts electricity at the rate of Rs 2 per unit,’ Mughal said while talking to media here on Tuesday. He said this water could have been used to irrigate over 10 million acres of land which could also have saved the devastation caused by this flood.
Dr Ibrahim Mughal said where this water could have generated electricity to end load shedding there it could have saved Rs 100 billion to the poor in their bills. They could have spent this money on their food requirements, he added. Mughal urged the government to immediately start construction on Kalabagh, Bonji, Akhori and Bhasha Dams to avoid devastation caused by floods every year, to generate cheaper electricity.


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