In cool calm zones sow summer products, for example, tomatoes, capsicum, stew, sweetcorn, shrub and climbing beans, potato, zucchini, cucumber, summer squash, pumpkin, and melon. In icy ranges, for example, the good countries, Tassie and eastern Victoria, you may likewise have accomplishment with verdant greens, for example, silverbeet and rocket in addition to roots, for example, beetroot and carrot.

In warm calm ranges, attempt the majority of the late spring crops above in addition to eggplant, basil, sweet potato, amaranth and rosellas.

The bone-dry/semi-bone-dry zones plant warm darlings, for example, eggplant, capsicum, stew, basil, pumpkin and watermelon.

In the subtropics go for the mid year trims above in addition to eggplant, capsicum, stew, basil, watermelon, pumpkin, Malabar spinach, okra, choko, amaranth and passionfruit.

In the tropics, plant banana, galangal, ginger, okra, sweet potato, and Madagascar beans.

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