Growing healthy plants starts with building healthy soil. Although it may look inert (except for the occasional earthworm), garden soil is teeming with life. In this complex, underground ecosystem, microorganisms like bacteria
and fungi are constantly breaking down organic matter, releasing nutrients that plants need in the process. Critters large and small are tunneling, opening up pathways that allow air and water to move. Building healthy soil in the garden usually involves adding organic matter like compost to feed soil microbesand adjusting soil pH to its optimal level.

Why is soil so critical? Because of roots. While we sit back and applaud the flowers and foliage that grow above the rim of the pot, it’s the roots that are really supporting the show and that deserve our accolades. Roots work constantly to find the right amount of air, moisture, and nutrients in the soil to fuel the flowers and foliage above.

 By Organic compost for soil Gardening shop (Karachi)

In the ground, a plant’s roots may extend dozens or even hundreds of feet to find what they need. In contrast, the roots of a plant in a container must find everything within the confines of the pot. That’s why providing the right soil mix is the most important thing you can do to ensure the success of your container plants.


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